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Developed by a Medical Doctor to:.

Protect Your Skin and Hair


American Academy of Dermatology

"Resting your face on a regular pillow for years on end leads to wrinkles" - 2010

Age-Defying with Patented Aromatherapy



The New, Patented YouthPerfect Spa Pillow Case

Designed by a Doctor to Protect your Skin and Hair

The YouthPerfect Pillow Case was scientifically designed to protect your skin and hair.  Numerous scientific studies recognize that friction and pressure from traditional pillow cases creating creases in skin known as sleep lines. In 2010, The American Academy of Dermatology recognized that these sleep lines can become premature and permanent wrinkles. This was also noted by WebMD who recommend sleeping on your back. But now there is a great solution! - The Patented YouthPerfect Spa Pillow Case. Designed by a Yale trained MD and a licensed Cosmetologist to help Protect Your Youth!

The YouthPerfect Age-Defying Pillow Case is truly 2x Silkier than Silk™ with the lowest coefficient of friction of any pillow case on the market. It is made of easy to care for machine washable fabrics and fits on your favorite pillow. No matter how you sleep, our unique and patented design continually relieves pressure between your pillow & delicate skin, minimizing sleep lines and helping you fight wrinkles while you sleep.